~    Instructor is a very good speaker who is extremely knowledgeable about the content of the material. 

 ~    Very informative  seminar - the instructor kept the class's attention and we felt  comfortable opening up and communicating and interacting with each  other. 

 ~    My attitude  changed after taking this class.  Because of the outlook of (the  instructor), my outlook is more positive and optimistic now. 

 ~    I was pleasantly  surprised by the experience with (instructor) and Operation Foresight.  I  came into this seeing it as a punishment, but actually got a lot of  useful & helpful information, and it wasn't intimidating at all.  I  actually really enjoyed the class.  Thank you. 

 ~    The instructor had  a great sense of humor, was not condemning or judgemental.  People  respond better when they are comfortable.  (Instructor) related well to  the people. 

 ~  This seminar was  very interesting opened my mind and showed me ways I could change my  life and to better myself as a person.  It showed me alternatives I can  make and change my everyday routines. 

 ~  Again, I feel that  (instructor) is fantastic.  She is very knowledgeable & very  professional!  She was non-judgmental, accepting & just overall  fantastic at what she does. 

 ~ I have learned that many different opportunities will present themselves for chemical/alcohol abuse and the choices I make regarding these will determine my future.  I feel these  educational opportunities/assessments provided by OFS will allow me to  make better choices regarding my alcohol use.  I will take this  information with me and think about it often when presented with these  choices. 

 ~  Throughout the  duration of this DWI sentencing and classes attended I've come to  realize that not only have I thrown away thousands of dollars on alcohol  only to receive nothing in return besides a hefty charge amounting in a  few thousand in legal fees.  It really isn't worth all the trouble  & headaches I've endured for a few hours of fun drunkenness.  This  class has been informative on the pain & frustration that I can  cause for myself and others directly & indirectly.  I've not had a  drink of alcohol for almost a month & I believe I can continue this  pattern. 

 ~ I plan to educate my friends and family about what I have learned so they don't make the same mistakes as me! 

 ~  Should be mandatory for all before receiving a license. 

 ~  Very insightful  information.  Also nice to be around other people that have been dealing  with the same situation.  Nice to talk about it with others and hear  each others stories.  Great instructor.  Very nice person and very  concerned about the people in the class.  Thank you. 

 ~ The class actually  had a lot of useful information.  (Instructor) is good at what he does.   I like the way he presents his information through personal  experience.  I liked the people in the class, there was a lot of  cooperation and it helped for making future decisions on drinking  responsibly. 

 ~ I felt able to share  my thoughts without expecting judgment or negativity.  I feel that  keeping things positive & open is much more effective than pointing  fingers & coming down on the law breakers who got caught & are  getting what they deserve.  Thank you... 

 ~  Great class.  Very knowledgeable instructor.  I really liked this 8-hours of my Saturday. 

 ~  I came to this class being very closed-minded, but as they went along I  met very nice people & learned a few items - knowledge - I enjoyed  the interaction & openness of everyone.  (Instructor) made this very  fun. 

~  Very good session.  Insightful and knowledgeable instructor.  I'd highly recommend this course.